Don’t forget your electronic cigarettes this New Year’s Eve

Whether you’re planning a night out on the town with friends or staying at home with your sweetheart and a glass of wine, New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate. Remember the triumphs of the past year and look forward to new challenges and opportunities in 2014 – just don’t forget your electronic cigarettes!

At parties
When it comes to ringing in the New Year, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better way than at a house party. Nothing brings people together like a New Year’s countdown, but many people take exception to guests smoking in their home – and rightly so. Let’s face it, after a few drinks, accidents can happen, whether it’s a cigarette burn on a sofa or something more serious. Why not forget about the hassle of traditional tobacco cigarettes this New Year’s Eve and ring in 2014 with e-cigarettes? Our range of electronic cigarettes feature zero combustion, no ash and – perhaps best of all – no tell-tale smell. You’ll be the hit of the party with South Beach Smoke, and e-cigs also make great conversation starters!

At the club
Nothing beats a night out with your closest friends, and there are few better ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve than by hitting the local clubs. However, if you like to smoke, good luck trying to find a club that allows you to use tobacco inside. Fortunately, if you’re an e-cig user, you’re free to vape in many places where tobacco is forbidden, including many bars and nightclubs. Some establishments have firm guidelines on whether you can vape, whereas others don’t have strict rules in place. This New Year’s, check before you head out to paint the town red – you wouldn’t want to be asked to leave, would you?

At home
Not everyone is into the bar scene or riotous parties, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a memorable New Year’s celebration in the comfort of your own home. Even if you smoke traditional tobacco, you’ve probably noticed that the smell of smoke gets into absolutely everything. Why not make a New Year’s resolution this year to switch from traditional tobacco to e-cigs? Not only does vaping eliminate those pesky odors, it also saves you a lot of money and comes in flavors you simply can’t get in traditional tobacco!