Don’t Get Left Out in the Cold with Tobacco

As a smoker, picture it: It’s cold, probably in the 20’s, windy, the air has a nasty bite to it. It’s getting dark outside. You just finished eating a scrumptious, hearty, satisfying dinner. All you want is a smoke. You have to get dressed, really dressed, like hat, gloves, sweater, coat, socks, and shoes on just to head outside to have a few puffs. All that effort and work, just for a smoke! Afterwards, you head back in, drop the layers, only to repeat it a while later. For those who are smoking electronically, these are merely just memories now, because you CAN smoke indoors with e-cigarettes. The whole crazy process of dressing for the weather goes out the window, giving you time to focus on actually enjoying your nicotine, and not being burdened by preparing for the elements.

You see, when e-cigarettes are “smoked,” none of the tar, smoke, or chemicals get left behind! What comes out is vapor, nothing else. You can be in a room full of nonsmokers and not offend one of them! You can vape nonstop all day and night long and not give anyone a reason to complain! Even if you live alone, and choose not to smoke indoors just to avoid the mess and the gross build up that happens from the smoke and tar, or you just appreciate having clean air in your breathing space, with e-cigarettes you won’t compromise that.

The amount of conveniences that e-cigarettes offer is limitless, compared to the constant limitations that cigarettes bring. Our award-winning design is quite easy to use, and very enjoyable while you vape. Our e-cig cartridges are made with the atomizers built right in, so you always have a strong-running atomizer to produce the best quality vapor.

When the temperatures drop, smoking cigarettes outdoors becomes even less interesting. As far as we’re concerned, tobacco is entirely old news anyways, and cold weather just makes us more grateful to be using electronic cigarettes as opposed to conventional! Smoking indoors is never cool, and being able to vape indoors rocks! Just one more reason to kick the cigarettes, and start using vapor!