Millions of American smokers have turned their backs on traditional tobacco forever and embraced electronic cigarettes as a new, guilt-free way to enjoy smoking. Although e-cigs have dozens of advantages over the traditional counterparts, one of the few drawbacks to them is that you need to keep them fully charged. After all, you don’t want to reach for your e-cigarette when you’re out and about, only to discover the blinking LED that indicates your e-cig battery is almost depleted. Follow these simple tips to make sure you don’t run out of juice when you’re on the move.

Switch it up
Using disposable electronic cigarettes is one way to avoid the hassle of recharging your e-cig’s batteries before you leave the house. However, for the serious vaper, disposables aren’t the best way to enjoy the freedom to vape, especially if you’re planning on trying different strengths and flavors of e-cig cartridges when you’re hitting the town.

For this reason, our Deluxe Starter Kits come with two batteries – one SuperMax, and one regular. You can use one while keeping the other fully charged, so when you see the tell-tale flashing LED light, simply unscrew the atomizer and attach it to the other battery. As long as you remember to keep one battery charging at all times, you’ll never be caught with a depleted e-cig. If you and your significant other plan to enjoy vaping together, our Couples Starter Kit comes with two of everything, so you won’t have to fight over who gets the charged battery!

Of course, even the most organized and prepared people sometimes forget things, and this can apply to e-cigarettes, too. Rather than find yourself struggling to enjoy a rich, satisfying drag on your electronic cigarette due to low battery power, why not consider investing in some of South Beach Smoke‘s cool and useful accessories?

Our portable charging case is a consistently popular e-cig accessory. Designed to resemble a traditional pack of cigarettes, this stylish and sleek pack enables you to charge your e-cig battery on the move. You can even see how much power is remaining thanks to the handy digital readout on the front of the pack. This accessory is also a great way to keep other essential components with you at all times, such as replacement atomizers! Experience a whole new world of freedom today and never leave home without your e-cigs again.