Double the Fun: Dual Usage

Options are pretty awesome, they make life work for you in many ways. When it comes to vaping, one of the best things available are the endless options. So, have you thought about the possibilities of being a Dual User?

So, what exactly is a “dual user,” you may ask? Well, it is a vaper who chooses the path of least resistance. It is a vaper who sees opportunity and runs with it. It’s a vaper who takes advantage of the offerings of the market in all the right ways. Basically, it’s a vaper who sees the benefit of using both e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes. In other words, one who opts for the best of both worlds. Brilliant, right!?

Recent studies have shown that 3 out of 4 e-cig users go this route, as it offers the most flexibility. Obviously, there are a wide range of individual reasons people use both products, however, and it really comes down to personal logistics.

Being able to use both varieties of smoking methods, smokers and vapers are given the choice to switch between them, without guilt for harking back to tobacco, if they so choose. This method also avails a ton of other conveniences such as:

Cost Savings: for smokers who handle the extreme expense of cigarettes, which average between $5 and $6 nationally, and can skyrocket in upwards of $10 per pack in some places, subbing a few cigs for e-cigs daily can offer a monumental savings differential, as the equivalent cost in vapor is about $2.

Social Vaping: It has become so unacceptable to smoke cigarettes publically! While a cig in hand was once de rigueur, it is anything but now. If you want to socialize without making a scene or an inconvenience of yourself, swap your tobacco for vapor when you’re out!

Behind Closed Doors: Cigarettes smoked indoors is an awful idea for so many reasons. Second hand smoke is atrocious, however, they pose an even greater risk of fire. Falling ash, forgotten lit cigarettes, and other smoking-related fire accidents are not worth the hazard. Switch to e-cigs indoors for peace of mind because they use no fire!

Smoking cigarettes is bad, but we understand that the transition doesn’t happen automatically for everyone. Even just a few cigarettes replaced by vapor cigs is a start; being a dual user ain’t so bad at all! If you’re interested this method, and want to check out your options, check out our awesome e-cigarette offerings!