All-in-One Awesomeness

DOW: Get Your Eleaf iCare 140 Starter Kit Now!

Looking for a great new starter kit to offer up a world of awesome options for vaping without needing a mod? Well, the Eleaf iCare 140 Starter Kit is an amazing package that gives you all the ability to have a stellar experience, without much complication. It’s straightforward, simple, and entirely enjoyable… And, as our Deal of the Week, this amazing piece of vape gear will be specially priced at 10% off starting now! This vaporizer offers excellent performance in the form of a sleek, slim vape pen, that capitalizes on its simplicity in every way. Easy and portable, it is the most handy device to have on hand at all times. Here’s more about this great Deal of the Week, and why you need it in your daily vape lineup!


Affordable and available in 5 distinctive colors (black, white, stainless steel, blue, and red), this is a vaporizer that will make vaping not only enjoyable, but incredibly fun as well. Perfect for beginners as well as experienced vapers who want a sleek, easy device, without compromising the performance capabilities, the iCare 140 is built around its powerful 650 mAh battery, allowing for extended vaping over long periods of time. It has just the right amount of power to produce incredible hits with consistently smooth vapor production throughout. Its 2ml, top-fill tank is perfectly sized for a convenient fit within the device, while allowing for a longer span of vaping before needing to fill up again. Performance-wise, this is a vape pen that will satisfy any vape newbie who wants a lot of freedom to vape with a powerful hit, with a battery that can go the distance, and a tank made to chuck the vapor generously. Think e-cig-like efficiency, manual operation, lightweight construction, and an all-in-one setup. With such great quality and vaping possible, you will not find a more versatile device; the iCare 140 does it all with style!


Among the finest features the Eleaf iCare 140 includes are the specs on the inside. Specifically, the Eleaf IC Coil heads that enable it to perform so exceptionally. These coils are quite well-known and loved throughout the industry, offering 1.1 ohms of resistance, which allow the device to produce unbelievable amounts of vapor for a device of this stature. As a result, the draws are full and strong, and the vapor is clean, thick, and wonderfully flavored. Additionally, the vaporizer includes an innovative spiral drip tip that maximizes the vapor production and flavor output, ensuring every hit is an enjoyable one. The side fire button keeps it simple while in use, allowing you plenty of comfort to casually vape away.


The Deal of the Week is officially here, and it’s a mighty fine one indeed! This marvelous work of art was made to offer a fantastic level of performance, in the most simplistic manner. With a normal price of $14.95, plus an additional 10% off for this week only, it’s a total steal! This device is an all-around, perfect-for-everyone vape, whether you’re a beginner or more experienced, so we urge you to grab one while these prices are hot. Great performance, total convenience, absolute portability: this vape pen offers all the pleasures of vaping in the easiest format possible! So grab one and save; this week only!