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DOW: Intelligent Vaping Ahead with the Innokin iTaste Smartbox!

Ah, the Innokin iTaste Smartbox… a wonder of an all-in-one mod. A divine Smartbox of a box mod, ready to enhance your vape life with intuitive genius and total freedom. Offering simplicity at its finest, top quality craftsmanship, and a mod that performs impeccably well with little effort, if you don’t have one yet in your arsenal, this is the week to get one! As our latest Deal of the Week, the iTaste Smartbox allows you to have a tremendous experience, at a very attractive price. So do act fast; you’ve got just one week to grab this goodie!

Whether you’re aiming for a new mod, looking for an extra mod, shopping for your first mod, or just want to experience the wonder of the iTaste Smartbox, this mod is so worth acquiring. It offers lots of features in a very simple, yet very innovative setup. The overall dimensions of the mod are perfect for stealth vaping, and the device fits snugly in the hand at 2 ¾” X 1 ⅝” X ⅞” minus the tank.

The Smartbox includes intelligent wattage control, enabling you to get the very most out of its 45W capacity. Boasting a minimum resistance of 0.4ohm, you will be able to achieve fantastic clouds and vapor production from this mod. The battery includes a three-color indicator light. Set with the mind-blowing Innokin AETHON chipset, the performance level from this small-yet-mighty mod is fantastic!

The Innokin iTaste Smartbox includes a 2.0 mL built-in iSub-V Tank, and includes excellent coil sensing technology. It is a top-filling tank, which enables you to fill it easier and faster for added convenience. It was designed to enable proper heat distribution, to avoid excess heat getting to the coil, to offer up the very best vaporization, vapor production, and incredibly smooth hits every time. Additionally, all it takes to fire this bad boy up is a single push of the activation button; no counting clicks to 5 to power it up! Powered by a single high drain 18650 battery, the Smartbox is a lightweight, powerful mod that can go through hours of use before needing to be recharged.

Furthermore, this kit is seriously decked out with the goods. It includes plenty of extras to make life more interesting, and to offer a great level of performance. In addition to the Smartbox Vaporizer and the iSub-V Tank, the kit comes with one pre-installed iSub Kanthal 0.5 ohm atomizer head along with an extra, one iSub Kanthal 1.2 ohm atomizer head, an extra set of O-rings, one Innokin tank band, and an extra-flat drip tip. Simply, it’s everything you could want!

The Deal of the Week offers uncompromising savings on amazing vape gear, and each week it’s something new and exciting. We like to mix it up to offer great savings on all sorts of things, so we encourage you to pay attention and shop smartly! Scoring deals and saving cash on some of the hottest items out there should be a goal of every vaper, and we’re here to make that an exciting reality. So get shopping, and score yourself one killer Innokin iTaste Smartbox Starter Kit, this week only!