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DOW: The One & Only Eleaf iCare Solo

This week, the deal is on us, and we hope you take advantage of this one! Coming to you with great performance specs, amazing functionality, and offering a great device to go just about anywhere with, the Eleaf iCare Solo Starter Kit is the beginner’s mod for everyone. At 10% OFF for this week only, this is a deal you need to get your hands on. Here’s why!


The Eleaf iCare Solo Starter Kit covers all bases, and it offers a great ride in the process. It is pretty much a bridge between a cig-a-like and a mod, which results in a very easy way to vape, along with some great performance. It is a unique device that was crafted around a common need for absolute simplicity, while offering a really great level of vapor in the process. For beginners, intermediate, or advanced users, it offers the ease of being simple, yet thoroughly enjoyable. Beginners will have the luxury of not having to waste time learning the ins and outs, while more experienced users get the benefit of having a mod that powers up and is ready to go once filled; no configuration or fiddling with it to get it where you want it. Seriously; mini mod performance from something as simple as a cig-a-like!


As far as portability goes, this mod is precisely made for being handy. It fits easily into a pocket, and the hand, without any hard or sharp edges. With a very sleek, slender shape, this mod very closely resembles a vape pen, with just a bit more power at 15W. It has no problem producing a fantastic level of vapor, especially by mini-mod standards. It takes very little effort, and you’ll be vaping exceptional hits in no time.


The design of the Eleaf iCare Solo was made to offer absolute convenience, and its top-filling method makes this a reality. To use it, simply remove the top cap, fill up the tank with e-liquid, and reattach the atomizer and cap. Then, for best performance, prime the device by taking a few draws without actually firing the device. Then, take a real drag via the drip tip and voila! You’re vaping!


The Eleaf iCare Solo’s tank holds 1.5ml of liquid, making it compact and quick to fill. Having been built with Eleaf’s signature IC coil heads, the firing is amazing and the vapor is exceptional. To fire the device, a simple flush-fire button allows for an easy and fast start. The flavor is remarkably strong and smooth, and the hits are powerful. Run up by a 350mAh battery, the abilities of this mod outlast and outperform any cig-a-like, any day with enough power to go all day, and to charge in a jiffy.

The Eleaf iCare Solo Starter Kit includes:

  • 1 Eleaf iCare Solo Vaporizer
  • 2 Eleaf IC 1.1ohm Replacement Coils
  • 1 Micro USB Cable
  • A User Manual

This device is available in your choice of five great colors: Cyan, Red, Black, White, and Champagne

Whether for yourself, or as a purchase for someone you know who could benefit from switching to vapor, the Eleaf iCare Solo starter kit makes an amazing gift. It offers total convenience and simplicity, while providing an amazing experience with vapor. It is simple, satisfying, and gorgeous, which makes it a total steal when purchased this week while it’s our DEAL OF THE WEEK! So be sure to get this one into your cart and head to checkout!