Vaping While Driving – What You Need to Know

South Beach Smoke Vaping While Driving
South Beach Smoke Vaping While Driving

If you vape, you probably vape while driving. However, driving a car is typically the most dangerous activity most people engage in on a daily basis, so vaping and driving needs to be done with real caution. As you know, texting and driving is a lame idea, however anything you do that causes you to take your eyes off the road for a split second should be avoided.

As for driving and vaping, it’s certainly not the same scenario as texting, but should be done with awareness. While it seems like the perfect way to make getting behind the wheel more interesting, and can be the ideal way to complement a boring commute, there are some factors you should keep in mind. Distracted driving is not worth it, so here are some tips for safe vaping while driving!

-Do not attempt to refill e-liquids, drip into your tank, or swap out batteries or accessories on your vaporizer device while driving.

-Set your device up entirely before getting behind the wheel. This includes making sure you have enough liquid, your mouthpiece is attached properly, and your vape or e-cig is ready for action. This will help avoid having to mess with it when your full attention is needed on the road.

-Love big, thick clouds of vapor? Make sure your car windows are open for ventilation if this is your idea of a good time when driving because impeding your vision with a fogged up windshield can be a serious danger.

-Do not toss your used items out the window. Not only is littering a public disservice, your trash can be a problem to other vehicles by harming tires. Also, e-cigs and vaporizer components should be discarded properly, because they do not belong in the hands and mouths of children and animals who come into contact with such litter.

So keep these tidbits in mind whenever you decide to vape and drive. While it’s not illegal, or dangerous, you gotta be safe! Use common sense, be wise, and all should be fine!