E-cig popularity remains on the rise

There's no question that what's happened in the world of e-cigarettes can only be described as a revolution. Vaping is a veritable phenomenon as the result of a wide variety of reasons, ranging from the obvious affordability and convenience of e-cigs to the numerous social and personal situations in which they can be enjoyed. Also, because South Beach Smoke carries e-cigarettes in such a cornucopia of different flavors – everything from traditional tobacco tastes to exciting and sweet fruit varieties – it's now more clear than ever that vaping quite simply has something for just about everyone.

You don't have to look further than the headlines to find evidence of the mounting popularity of e-cigs. Back in July 2013, The Boston Globe reported on the growing number of local shops within the capital city of Massachusetts seeking out – and receiving – permits to sell e-cigarettes and all related accessories. All told, there'd been a five-fold increase in the amount of places selling e-cigs between 2012 and 2013, a clear indicator of demand. 

More recently, according to The New York Times, New York City has emerged as another clear example of an area where the sophisticated aesthetic pleasures of e-cigs are catching on more and more, based on the number of new shops looking to sell them – with more on the way. 

Of course, it's not like you need to live in Boston, New York or any other majority city just to enjoy vaping. If you've been thinking about how you want to start reaping the benefits of e-cig enjoyment, South Beach Smoke has the ideal solution for you – the Deluxe e-cig starter kits. These include 10 cartridges with your choice of flavors, two batteries (one standard, one extra-capacity), a USB port charger and a standard wall charger, giving you everything you need to join the e-cig party!