Are E-Cigs Explosive? Only if You’re Foolish

Have heard the recent stories about electronic cigarettes being explosive? While they are true, however an in-depth look at the situations surrounding them are really important if you have gotten concerned about their safety. When used properly, according to your owner’s manual, e-cigs are very safe.

The two incidences in question take place in Colorado and Florida, where e-cigarette devices blew up, literally, while in use. Neither case involved South Beach Smoke products, however it is still really important industry news. As scary as this is, in both cases the users  had taken replacing their batteries entirely the wrong way. Instead of following the directions detailed in their manuals, they went ahead and used ordinary batteries instead of manufacturer types. Avoiding warnings that the companies explicitly documented, they put themselves in potentially fatal situations. It is no joking matter when a product puts life in danger, and at all times caution should be used to ensure safety.

To make matters more interesting, they are are now seeking legal action. They claim the products were defective, and the result caused severe damage. I’d like to see how things go because from the start they have made it clear that they knowingly and willingly performed actions written warning advised not to do. Either way, all circumstances surrounding the events are unfortunate.

E-cigarettes have been around for a few years, and their popularity is ever increasing. If you are considering them, have a look at the many e-cig reviews out there. You’ll get a really good idea about a product’s performance from what knowledgeable users have to say. People are constantly discovering how amazing these products are, and what a beneficial tool they are as an alternative to tobacco. Controversy always creeps in whenever a product becomes successful, and these latest stories are not the first to make people less trusting of e-cigs. Be wary of anything new you try, and do your research before hand. Above all, when using electronic devices, follow ALL of the manufacturer’s directions and heed the warnings! It could save your life!