E-Cigarette Batteries, Warranties, and Customer-Friendly Policies

We love our customers! We love changing people’s lives with our products, and we especially love giving our customers the very best they can have. Our products are not only among the top lines available in the e-cigarette market, but we strive towards excellence when it comes to customer service.

We make a point of keeping in place policies that make sense and give customers the ability to feel confident in our e-cigarette products. We offer warranties, multiple avenues you can reach us by should there be a problem, as well as a money-back guarantee, within 30 days should your satisfaction not be met. We believe in our products wholly, and are determined to bring you the best in quality and innovation, so if things do not meet your expectations or standards, we will honor your decision to send them back for a refund.

Our batteries are superior lithium ions. All the interior parts are enclosed by a sleek, stylish aluminum shell, which looks very much like traditional cigarettes. They have a long working time, and take a relatively short time to charge. Users love them for their great performance, and how much they are like regular cigarettes. As great as they are, we know very well that things can happen, accidents and whatnot, and that is why we offer an exceptional life warranty that applies to all of our parts and equipment. Our warranty is free of charge to all customers who are members of our Home Delivery Program, which is a free service that enables customers unlimited convenience and savings. The warranty is one facet, and perhaps the best reason to sign up (in addition to having your cartridges delivered to your door, precisely when you want them every month, at a savings of 20%). There is no contract or commitment to it, either; you join and cancel at your convenience, without anything binding you. Oh, and did I mention it’s free?

Selling great electronic cigarettes is the bottom line of our business, but making our customers happy is the reason we do what we do!