E-Cigarette Batteries: Which to Choose

South Beach Smoke makes awesome electronic cigarettes, as you most likely already know! One of our biggest claims to fame are our batteries, which offer users plenty of vapor, great life in between charging, and are so deliciously comfortable to use! When ordering, we know it can sometimes be challenging to choose… how do you know which battery to go with? Here is a look at the different options that lay before you, and hopefully you’ll have an idea as to which style, size, and color seem like the best match for you!

Color: The most frivolous of our choices, but still important is which color to go with. This is probably the easiest decision to make, and because we offer two: black and white, it shouldn’t be too hard to choose. White is more classic, and helps you blend in more; black lets you get a little sleek and stand out some.

Switch Style: We offer two switch styles: Manual and Automatic. Manual batteries work when you press a button, and it basically turns on the unit. While some people do not care for pressing the switch as they vape, others enjoy it for the increased control they have. This style is also known to produce a higher level of vapor. Automatic batteries turn on automatically. They sense the user, and turn on when they detect the puffing. They are as simple as it gets, and many users appreciate how easy they are to use. While they do produce a slightly lower quantity of vapor than Manual batteries, they are known to last longer.

Size: It matters when it comes to e-cig batteries. We offer two size options, Standard and High Capacity, and while it is very much worth your while to own both sizes, it’s good to know the difference. Standard e-cig batteries are 2.5 inches long, and they last between 200-300 puffs per charge. High Capacity South Beach Smoke batteries are 3.25 inches long, and they last between 500-600 puffs per charge. Both consist of the same award-winning SuperMAXTM  technology we are known for, and they are fitted with beautiful aluminum exteriors.

Lightweight, easy to use, and very stylish in looks make South Beach Smoke batteries the very best you can have! Now that you know exactly what we offer and how they may fit into your vaping lifestyle, give them a go ASAP! And, if all else fails, get them all; they’re amazing!