E-Cigarette Economics

Wanna Talk Savings? E-Cigarettes can save you money. You’ve probably heard this before, and you’ve probably balked at the price tag when you saw the price listed on starter kits, liquids, and cartridges. Yes, we know. We get that a lot from newbies. But what you need to understand is that the majority of purchases with e-cigarettes and items related, is that these are not one-time purchases.

Traditional cigarettes are a big, deadly, money-sucking trap. You have to purchase packs over and over again, and they are pretty darn costly. With national averages around $9.50; $5 at the lowest end, $14 at the highest (NYC), the math puts you at a minimum of $1800 per year, or up to $5000 yearly in smokes! That money could be way better spent, and if you switch to vaping, which costs a fraction in comparison, you can save yourself some serious dough!

You see, vaping requires a device, a charger, and liquid- whether you get it from prefilled cartridges, or you fill tanks yourself with bottles of liquid. The price on a single bottle of e-liquid, ours for example costs $15.99, will get you about a week’s worth of vaping, on average (depending on the user). Compared to the lowest average for a pack of cigarettes for the equivalent, it’s still less than half the cost! And for those who are on the highest end of the spectrum, this price is 80% lower than what you’re paying. Now, pre-filled cartridges are more expensive than using liquids, however they are still less expensive than the never-ending stream of cigarettes. The savings is monumental. Check out the South Beach Smoke Savings Calculator to see the savings for yourself!

And now, let’s talk about devices. Because they are one-time purchases, depending on your budget, your options are pretty wide spread. With prices that start at $18 per e-cig battery, or $15 per vaporizer battery, you’ve got a lot of choices that can inevitably add to the savings. Starter kits go up beyond those prices, but keep in mind, they include all the necessary parts for vaping.

Between smoking and vaping, smoke will cost you a pretty penny. Vapor, on the other hand, will help you save, and provide the additional benefit of convenience to your life! If you need a reason to switch, let savings be it!