E-Cigarette Safety: Why it is SO Important

Canadian teen finds himself at the wrong end of an exploding vapor device. His parents cry foul on the product. The device, an advanced “mech mod” is sold specifically among a class of products made only for the most advanced users. News reports focuses in only on the aspect of the device exploding. As far as the media goes, this kind of reporting is ridiculous. It has become a continuous effort on their part to take any story that appears, or that they invent, regarding electronic cigarettes, and twist it to glare a nasty light in the direction of vapor. Without taking factual information into account, in hopes of getting attention.

Who is benefitting from this lack of realistic reporting? What this makes evident on the large scale, within the big picture is that there needs to be a much greater amount of available knowledge. Parents need to be aware of what their kids are up to, especially when it involves their usage of things they are too young to be messing with. Whether it’s underage drinking, smoking, or using e-cigarettes, education and awareness begins at home. This product should have never gotten into the hands of a 16-year-old, whether a shop sold it to him, or his parents bought it for him unwittingly.

The reality here is that this teenager clearly did not know enough about the item to be using it safely, effectively, and obviously without harming himself. There are a great many precautions that should be observed when using a mechanical mod, the first of which being that an underage person has no business using one. The media reports focus on the sensationalist perspective, however there should be a clear path when reporting that the misuse of these products is leading to precarious and dangerous outcomes. With 25 e-cigarette explosion cases in the past 7 years, the majority of which have occurred due to improper use, it offers an inclination that it’s not really the products the majority of the time, but more in how they are handled.

Fireworks. Guns. Lithium-ion batteries. It’s pretty evident: improper use by inexperienced, uneducated people will result in bad circumstances. Don’t be foolish, understand what you’re working with, and please, by all means people, pay attention to e-cig safety and manufacturer’s warnings; they’re there for a reason.

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