Popcorn Lung and Vaping Facts

South Beach Smoke Popcorn Lung
South Beach Smoke Popcorn Lung

Surely by now you’ve heard that 75% of e-liquids are supposedly causing the dangerous lung disease bronchiolitis obliterans, you know, popcorn lung, right? Tossed your e-cigs and vaporizers in fear, and went running for the hills? Have you had an MRI scan of your lungs to examine the damage using e-juice has most likely inflicted? Yeah, we haven’t either.

Because if you believe every story that’s been spun out of control based on a study that was done erroneously and inconclusively, you’d probably have a lot more problems to deal with than you already do!

This week, results from a study done by the Harvard University School of Public Health reached the media, and it was subsequently blasted through news outlets and the internet that using e-cigarettes has been linked to popcorn lung. And while it certainly is cause for concern, and there is no denying all the proof that exists legitimizing the claim that popcorn lung is in fact caused by diacetyl inhalation, there are a lot of holes in this study. Only a select number of flavors were examined, while there are countless brands who’ve pledged to keep diacetyl out of their liquids.

For those of you who are worried, all you have to do is read the labels and websites of brands carrying e-liquids. For the most part, any legit brands will not be including this chemical in their formulas. As for South Beach Smoke’s stance on the matter, our customers can rest assured; if they’re buying juices from us, they won’t be getting popcorn lung as a result because you won’t find diacetyl in them.

The bottom line here is that you need to read your labels, know your products, and not take every “study” published as actual truth. All e-liquids are not going to lead to popcorn lung; those containing diacetyl, however, will put you at risk.