South Beach Smoke How Old to Vape? Age Limit for E CigsA great many vapor cig users are over the age of 50, and we think it’s pretty awesome. It makes no difference what age you are, if you are a smoker, you can benefit from the many great aspects of electronic smoking. In reading different e-cigarette reviews, you will find a vast array of users’ ages. Many people who have smoked for 20, 30, 40, and 50+ years have come to electronic cigarettes with amazing success, and have been amazed by the results. For people who have smoked for that many years, most have probably tried to quit on more than one occasion, realizing how insanely difficult it is. Many lifelong smokers feel relegated to the habit, that they have no other choice, and will have to live out their lives that way. Wonderfully, and thankfully, millions of people across the board can see the potential, and the freedom they can possess.

Even amongst older celebrities, electronic cigarettes are hugely popular. Some of the most famous are Danny Bonaduce, Dennis Quaid, Ronnie Wood, Tom Petty, Eric Roberts, Mel Gibson, David Letterman tried them on behalf on Katherine Heigl’s encouraging.

It’s no myth that as you age, you begin to experience more and more health ailments. That’s perhaps the largest reason older people turn to vapor smoking. Why subject yourself to more sickness, and potentially fatal conditions if you don’t need to? Cardio vascular problems and heart disease are major concerns, as are the multitude of cancers and respiratory illnesses.

While electronic cigarettes are really trendy, add a lot of style and make anyone who smokes them look cool, many people who are older may be inclined to steer away from them for those very reasons. It is our every intention to say, please don’t! E-cigarettes are for people of any age, as long as they of legal age limit to be using them and other types of nicotine products. Which, by the way, is a minimum of 18 in most places in the United States, however 19 in some states.

So, as you can see, e-cigs are not just for the youngins! Regardless of age, as long as you’re legal, keep up with the times and go smokeless!