E-Cigarettes & Halloween

October 31st is right around the corner, are you all ready? Halloween is better when you are smoking e-cigarettes, if nicotine is your thing. They just make everything better, in general. Halloween is all about the excitement, costumes, trick or treating, and the parties, and having a full schedule of activities planned can be pretty burdensome if you are a smoker. This is where electronic cigarettes come in. They can add some (non-flammable) flair and make partying with kids a whole lot friendlier. This year for the “season of spook” don’t be without your electronic smoke! Here’s how South Beach Smoke can make this holiday even more fun and more convenient than conventional cigarettes ever could!

Dressing up? Have your e-cig highlight your costume! There are a good many costumes that can benefit from an added e-cigarette. Haven’t we all seen smoking flappers and zombies puffing away on cigarettes? Old Hollywood era screen sirens and leading men were never without an iconic cigarette in hand, give it a modern twist with a vapor cig. The plumes of vapor are pretty much a dead ringer for smoke, so if the eeriness is part of your look, e-cigarettes will do it right. They are an amazing fashion statement, and if you are going for ghoulish, glamourous, or gaudy, they can be just the right touch to turn a mediocre look into perfection. Also, a good many store-bought costumes are made of some pretty flammable fabrics, play it safe with smokeless.

If you will be hitting up the neighborhood and trick or treating with the kids, electronic cigarettes are also the smarter way to go as well for obvious reasons. Smoking around kids is just not cool, and they are the last people you want to be sharing your second hand smoke with. No parent really wants to be smoking near their kids or anyone else’s. Also, unlike traditional smokes, there will be no concern with littering up your neighbor’s yards and sidewalks with your used butts. The wide range of e-cigarette accessories we offer can come in pretty handy on nights like these, so definitely keep it in mind!

Even if you have no plans at all, except to dole out the treats to the kids who come knocking, why force yourself out into the cold October night to have a smoke, when you have the ability to puff to your desire inside your home using e-cigs?

Heading to a Halloween party? Well, whether you are in disguise or not, e-cigarettes let you party with everyone without offending with the foulness of cigarette smoke. I mean, it is All Hollow’s Eve, if you are going to be offending anyone, isn’t it better to do it with your costume than a health hazard?