E Cig Airport Rules

South Beach Smoke E Cig Airport RulesTraveling this summer? Looking forward to long flights, transfers from one destination to another? Dreading the inevitable delays that will have you seated in a plastic airport chair for hours? Whatever you do, do not forget those electronic cigarettes! For smokers and e-smokers alike, they can make every part of your travels a little more convenient. Can you think of anything you’d like more than puffing on your e-cig during those stressful moments, or while you pass the time waiting? Luckily for all, smokers and nonsmokers, e-cigarettes don’t inconvenience anyone! You can puff all you’d like, even at the gate in the airport, without having to be concerned over second hand smoke. While electronic smokes are not yet permitted on actual aircraft over safety concerns, at least you can be content that the minute you leave the plane you can start puffing.

For smokers who have taken up electronic smoking, one of the first benefits to really make a difference is the level of convenience and ease at which they can puff. This aspect of carefree vaping is one of the finer points that many users appreciate the most. At any airport, on any given day, you can find people using electronic cigarettes without even the slightest amount of fuss from those surrounding and authorities.

Cigarettes are such a thing of the past, anyway! It’s quite hard to imagine, but back in the day, cigarettes were once tolerated on airplanes, in airports, and it was really commonplace that seemingly everyone was lighting up the cancer sticks. Fast forward to the present, and this all seems pretty impossible, with smoking being banned nearly everywhere in public.

If you are a cigarette smoker, really think about e-cigs for your next trip out of town. They are perfect for everyday nicotine, and are even better when you travel because they enable so much more freedom. Order yourself an e-cig starter kit, or a package of our new electronic cigarette disposables. Once you experience the way you can not only have a healthier smoke, and one that lets you do it wherever you want, you will see that there will be no reason to go back to tobacco. Happy travels!