E-cigs are perfect for office holiday parties

Although many people are preoccupied with last-minute shopping and decorating their homes for the holidays, others have their sights set on something else – the annual office party. Countless workplaces across the country come together for the holidays, enabling workers to meet people from other departments, mingle with the coworkers they see every day and generally share in the festive spirit. If you're heading to an office party over the holidays, e-cigarettes could be your best friend.

Talk it over
Regardless of where you work, if you're a smoker, the chances are pretty good that you know at least a couple of other people at your workplace who smoke, too. Maybe you've commiserated over the latest office-wide email together over a cigarette outside. If this sounds familiar, why not ask your smoke break buddies how they'd feel about vaping, instead of smoking, at this year's holiday party? If the idea goes down well, you could club together and save big on an order of e-cigarettes from South Beach Smoke! You can mix and match flavors and strengths to suit everyone's tastes and get ready for a holiday party to remember.

Ask the boss
Of course, there are a few other considerations you'll probably have to bear in mind. If your holiday party is being held at the office, check with your supervisor about whether the use of e-cigarettes is permitted. Some workplaces don't have strict rules about e-cigs, whereas others do, so find out first. After all, you wouldn't want to land yourself in a meeting with your boss over vaping at the party, right? You never know, though – if your manager smokes, you might even turn him or her onto e-cigarettes!

On the other hand, if your workplace's holiday party is taking place at another venue, you'll probably have to inquire directly with the hotel, conference room or restaurant where the party is due to be held. If you're having trouble finding out whether using electronic cigarettes is permitted at the venue, you could always ask your human resources manager, as he or she may have better luck finding out the specific policies of the venue.

Whether you work for a huge corporation or small family-owned business, there's no doubt that South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes will be the talk of this year's holiday party. Just be sure to not have one too many and make a fool of yourself, OK?