E-Cigs & Basketball

Last night, the Miami Heat headed back to Miami for game 6 of the Eastern Conference Playoffs and showed the Indiana Pacers what’s up! Being up 3 games to 2, everyone in South Florida was hoping to watch the boys bring it home and head to the Finals, and that is exactly what they did last night. Representing South Beach ourselves, we have to say we are more than a little excited for our home team, and we are hoping to watch them make it 3 years in a row as champions!

Did you know that watching sports and using e-cigarettes go hand in hand? While smoking at an arena, or the majority of sports venues or sports bars is not really socially acceptable, nor generally even allowed anymore, vaping is the way to do it! And, if you are routing for the Heat, like you should be, we hope you are doing so with your South Beach Smokes in hand!

While smoking cigarettes during the heat of the game will force you outdoors, possibly causing you to miss some of the intense action, or relegate you to viewing strictly the updates on your phone, e-cigs allow you to be in on the action as it happens, whether in front of the tube or in your seat at the game. Vapor is a rather pleasant thing, as it has no odor, no smell at all really, contains no smoke, no tobacco, and dissipates virtually within seconds. It’s the ideal companion to game watching, and for being in the midst company.

While we wait for the results of the 2014 Western Conference, whether we face OKC or the Pacers as the best in the West, here in Miami we are thrilled for our #WhiteHotHeat, and cannot wait for the finals to start! We take our basketball quite seriously here, and we will proudly be flaunting our South Beach Smoke e-cigs when the Finals begin! Go Heat!