E-Cigs & Customer Service

A lot can be said in  the way of electronic cigarettes and customer service. So much in fact, that most brands are actually known for having lousy customer service! When it comes to choosing a brand, most people take their curiosities to the internet, consulting the search engines first and foremost. If you are a South Beach Smoke customer, did you look for reviews before choosing us?

Electronic cigarette reviews, discussion boards, and testimonials are a major source of information for various reasons, but most poignantly because more than anything, seekers want to hear first hand accounts of actual experiences. If you hear that a particular brand has really bad service, lame products, and gross flavor cartridges, would you be willing to drop your hard earned money on them? Most likely not! Now, on the other hand, if a different brand has rave reviews across the board, and customers are unanimously pleased with them, chances are you will be more likely to have satisfaction too!

As a brand, South Beach Smoke places a great amount of importance on their customer service. This extends from the website to the back end, to the customer service support staff you speak to directly, as well as using various social media platforms to communicate with customers. Buying e-cigarettes is usually a big deal, and no one wants to jump right in without investigating first. Crazy but true, many people don’t know anything about e-cigs, and it often happens that a curious smoker may not know anyone personally who uses electronic smokes. A quick call to our service line can do so much to have questions answered personally, and by a knowledgable individual. Shooting an email, or linking up on our Facebook page can also work to give a lot of info, connect with other customers, and get a glimpse into the reality of vaping from real life e-smokers. Buying e-cigarettes online can be intimidating if you are unsure!

While many brands are not big on emphasizing the need for excellent customer service, hoping their product will do all talking, South Beach Smoke is different. We want to be your only e-cig brand, and we really do a lot to satisfy our customers’ wants and needs. We love to hear our customers’ success stories, and we know how far good reviews can go. If you got questions, we are always here to hear them!