It's still the tail end of January right now, but in actuality, Valentine's Day is not that far off in the future. Within the span of a few short weeks, the worldwide celebration of love and relationships in all their forms will be here, and you'll be expected to (and should!) honor it in some way with your spouse or significant other. 

Most people choose cards, flowers and sweets – particularly chocolates – as the go-to gamut of gifts for their Valentine's Day needs. And there's nothing wrong with that – after all, they've become standards and arguably clichés because they work. It's a perfect example of the "if it isn't broke, don't fix it" mentality at work. Romantic dinners or short vacations and outings are also common ideas, for the same reasons.

Still others exchange various idiosyncratic gifts in addition to or in place of the old standbys, and this is where South Beach Smoke can come in to help. If you and your special someone are both e-cig users or interesting in giving vaping a try, we have a number of possibilities that can be perfect for this purpose. Each one has a particular situation for which it will be ideal, so read on to determine which option is best for you and yours.

Disposable e-cigarettes: Perfect for newbies
As a method of getting into e-cigarette usage on an entry level, there's no better method than starting with a package of disposables. You aren't making a major commitment to the vaping lifestyle by ordering these, but you have a good sample size to give you an idea of what it's really like. A four-pack of disposables is equivalent to about eight packs of traditional cigarettes, so even in its smallest variety you quickly know the real benefits of e-cigs. 

So if you're making the initial e-cigarette plunge, disposables are an ideal Valentine's gift. If you want to go a bit bigger, you can also get these in packs of eight or 12, in either the Classic Tobacco or Menthol flavors.

Stepping it up: Starter Kits
If your spouse or significant other is a bit more committed to getting into e-cigs, then you can make a more substantive investment in your e-cigarette gift. South Beach's Deluxe Starter Kits are ideal for this purpose. You receive two batteries (one standard, the other high-capacity), two chargers (one for the wall, the other for USB ports) and 10 e-cig cartridges and atomizers, with your choice of any of the cartridge flavors we offer. This gives your Valentine all he or she needs to puff away and recharge on a regular basis. Also, the flavor options offer a great opportunity to get creative. In keeping with the celebratory spirit, why not try some of the sweet or more exotic flavors, like Chocolate, Deluxe Apple Hookah, Frank's Lemon Lime or Cherry?

To get more bang for your buck in terms of accessories, consider the Deluxe Plus Kit. It has everything mentioned above but also includes a Universal Carrying Case, Car Adapter and the Power Cig. The latter two items are perfect if your special someone wants to vape easily while driving. 

The Ultimate and Couples Kits
If you're looking to truly go all-out, the Ultimate Starter Kit or Couples Kit will be ideal. The former expands on the Deluxe Plus by including a lanyard to carry your e-cig easily, a portable charging case to re-energize batteries even while you're walking and 10 extra cartridges and atomizers.

Meanwhile, with the Couples Kit, you don't get as many different accessories, as it's identical to the Starter Kit but doubled, but it'll be perfect if you want to experience the best electronic cigarettes with your spouse or significant other.