E-Cigs in the Office

Vaping is totally different than smoking, and because electronic cigarettes offer their users so many more options than traditional cigarettes, and they happen to be a lot more socially accommodating, it should come as no surprise that workplaces and offices across the country are beginning to allow vaping in the office, during work hours, without requiring employees to head outside for tobacco cigarette breaks.

Back in the day, it was pretty common for smokers to be free to smoke in any public places: indoors, offices, college classrooms, libraries; most enclosed public spaces were really never off limits. If you didn’t like smoke, you just had to deal! As attitudes on smoking changed over the decades, and smoking became less and less socially acceptable, it eventually got to where we are now; with tobacco smoke making smokers the equivalent of social lepers if they whip out a tobacco stick anywhere in public and especially if they think they can use them in a crowd!

With the advent of vaping, and the availability of being able to smoke with no smell, lingering odor, or any combustion, e-cigarettes have become the ultimate middle ground, giving smokers and nonsmokers comfortable common ground. Employers have taken to this modern smoking method, and have begun allowing their employees to use the products in their workplaces, upping the overall productivity and contributing to less time wasted on smoke breaks.

It’s not a secret that employers prefer nonsmoking employees because they need less breaks because they do not smoke, historically miss less time at work due to illnesses, are less fidgety because they are not always craving another cigarette, and they tend to smell better. Electronic cigarettes have become the ideal way for smokers to be more productive at work, without creating conflict with their employers, all the while getting the satisfaction they crave.

Being able to have your nicotine when you want it is a huge plus for smokers, and being able to do so in the confines of the office, without offending anyone is a rather large blessing. While not all offices and workplaces have embraced the e-cigarette trend, we give major props to those that have!