E-cigs taking off worldwide

Even those who are not yet loyal South Beach Smoke customers are, most likely, well aware of how widespread the use of electronic cigarettes has become, especially in the last couple of years. A significant number of people are taking to them like ducks to water as a result of their many advantages. From their low cost and ease of use to the wide range of flavors e-cigs available and the situations in which they can be enjoyed, they offer an almost unrivaled opportunity for pure pleasure.

That is one of the reasons why e-cigs are starting to take off in many countries around the world, just as they have in the United States. It will be worth your while to take a look at a recently reported major example of this – China – and to see why it's happening.

Vaping slowly but steadily on the rise in China
According to Reuters, e-cigarettes were in fact invented in China, by one of the nation's medical researchers. Additionally, 95 percent of all e-cigs in the entire world are, in some way, manufactured or designed in China. Interestingly enough, this has not translated into a strong adoption of e-cigs and vaping among the country's citizens as of right now, though a number of different analysts are predicting that they are bound to become considerably more popular in the near future.

The news source reported that this could translate into a major opportunity for the entire e-cig industry. As yet, only one of China's tobacco firms has made any stated plans to bring electronic cigarettes into its fold, leaving the market wide open for foreign e-cig makers to swoop in and take hold. Eddy Hargreaves, an analyst with the firm Cannacord Genuity, elaborated on this point in a recent interview.

"I think it has to be seen as a potential way in to the Chinese market," Hargreaves said, according to the source. "The potential generally is huge and we'd expect it [to catch on in China], albeit at a slower rate to the United States and Europe."

Take the vaping plunge now
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