E-Cigs… The Gift that Keeps Giving

You probably already know what an awesome gift our electronic cigarettes are for the smokers in your life. You probably are well aware of all the great benefits you get from smoking electronically, and how your life can change for the better in so many ways. How many other products out there can help you save a great deal of money, live a healthier life, offer much convenience, keep your home and car much cleaner, and be better for the environment, all the while helping you gain more control over your habit? Nothing I can think of can do all of that, and that’s the beauty of e-cigs!

So, in light of all the amazing things e-cigarettes offer, and how much we love to please our customers, we have a very big sale going on right now through December 25th. What could be better than buying an e-cig starter kit as a gift for someone, and getting another one for free for yourself? Talk about giving a gift you know you’d love to receive yourself!

This is the kind of gift that really makes a difference in people’s lives. For smokers, offering some relief and an option towards a healthier lifestyle can be monumental. It’s seriously thoughtful, and maybe even something they would not have thought of for themselves. Also, for a spouse, how cool would it be for you both to embark on a smoke-free journey together, with buy one, get one free starter kits? What a an amazing gift to find under the tree this Christmas!

Giving back is important for everyone to do, and offering a sale like this really lets us give back to you, our loyal customers! And getting a gift for buying one for someone else is pretty darn sweet also! There is good reason the holiday season is considered “the most wonderful time of the year!”