E-Cigs VS Vaporizers: What to Choose?

E-Cigarettes and vaporizers are both readily available, and if you are looking to choose between the two, how do you know which you want? Perhaps you’ve been using standard electronic cigarettes and you think you may be ready to try something more advanced. Perhaps you are a smoker who wants to go digital with your smoking. Perhaps you’ve tried low-end e-cigarettes and you want to trade them in for something with better quality… Whatever your reasoning for looking into the differences between mods and e-cigs, here is a little guide to help you along, and hopefully answer any questions you might have when choosing.


Both styles of vaping devices are equally convenient, especially when you’ve gotten used to them. They’re both more convenient than tobacco.

E-cigs: have the benefit of being small and very similar to traditional cigarettes, without the hassle of butts, lighters, and the smell, so using them nearly anywhere is very possible.

Vaporizers: Easy to use, but they take a little time to get the hang of when it comes to filling. You can use them in many places in public, however they are less discreet because of their pen-styling.


E-Cigs: there is a huge price differential between brands and styles, but you can get a decent starter kit for around $50. Where things get pricey are with e-cigarette cartridges, which are still less costly than tobacco. And, if you’re a member of our HDP you can get a nice discount on them.

Vaporizers: there is also a wide range of products at different prices available with vaporizers, however, we keep ours very affordable. E-liquids come in bottles of 30ml, making them more affordable than traditional cigarettes and e-cigarette cartridges.


We all like different things, and we all want different things, so when it comes to vaping, it makes so much more sense to have a lot of different accessories that enable users to customize their products to suit their individual needs.

E-Cigs: lots of accessories that benefit versatility, plenty of choices in flavors and nicotine levels. Colors of batteries, different types of chargers, and how you store your battery are common options.

Vaporizers: many options for vaping pen can are available. When it comes to flavors and nicotine levels, you have more choices with liquids, especially when using ours because we custom blend e-liquid flavors, the choices are limitless.


This is a more personal category, and it really depends on the individual.

E-Cigs: They look like traditional cigarettes, are made to feel like traditional cigarettes, the only difference is in how you use them. While they don’t have the same kind of power as vaporizers, they do give you the benefit of being small and familiar.

Vaporizers: Very powerful, very advanced, and offering more control, vaporizers offer a different type of vaping experience. While the systems tend to be larger than cigarettes, the larger batteries last longer and give larger hits.

So when it comes down to it, e-cigarettes and vaporizers are two different methods of the same thing; it all depends on what you want, and what you’re looking for!