E-Liquid Flavor Playlist

Music and vaping; it’s a mighty fine duo, don’t you say? If you are dreaming of jamming out to some of the hottest tunes and pairing them with some fab flavors of e-liquids, this is the playlist for you! We encourage you to enjoy your e-cigarettes and vaporizers in the most pleasurable of ways, and doing so with music will enhance it that much more. Besides, isn’t everything better with a great song in the background?

Fancy; Iggy Azalea: Fancy Latte. This tune and this flavor were seriously made for each other, in the fanciest of ways. You already know.

Diamonds; Rihanna: Caribbean Escape. A classic track by everyone’s favorite Bajan songstress deserves a distinctive Caribbean flavor.

Timber; Pitbull/ Kesha: Real Cuban Mojito, because if you’re trying to make a night you won’t remember, do it Cuban-style for maximum effect.

All About that Bass; Meghan Trainor: Gimme S’more. This bodacious song has people everywhere begging for some more, and in honor, we will!

Bang Bang; Jessie J/ Ariana Grande/ Nicki Minaj: Cotton Candy, cause these ladies are sweeter than candy!

Habits; Tove Lo: Appletini, because this sultry song really needs to be paired with something tangy yet relaxing!

Animals; Maroon 5: Red Hot Cinnamon. A sizzling song requires an equally hot flavor.

Burnin’ it Down; Jason Aldean: Mint Julep. A Southern melody deserves a smooth Southern cocktail, and what could be better than this authentic taste of the South?

Happy; Pharrel Williams: Candy Sugar Stix. Really though, is there any flavor that could be happier?

Turn Down for What; DJ Snake & Lil Jon: Sweet Tobacco, because this is the ultimate ‘turn down’ taste!

If your vaping needs a soundtrack, we’ve got the goods, so grab your APV! What are your favorite tunes to get your vapor on with? Feel free to let us know what you’re jamming out to, and what flavor you’re puffing!

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