The Top 5 Signs of Change When You Switch to E-Cigs

Many people who swap their traditional cigarettes for electronic cigarettes notice changes nearly immediately. They range from esthetic to health, and what a welcoming change they are for anyone who has made the switch from the old fashioned to the modern smoking option! Here are the top five things smokers experience on the positive when they make the switch:

  1. No more smelling bad! This one is obvious, and it happens as soon as you no longer light up, and fumigate your surroundings with the toxic smoke. Gone are the days of carrying around the musty odor of tobacco! No more foul-scented hair or clothing! You can even be done with the excessive fragrance spraying too!
  2. Say goodbye to ugly tobacco stains and odor on your hands! You can clean them, and they will actually look and smell that way too! No more being afraid to show off your hands, or feeling ashamed of others seeing the tar marks.
  3. Revival of the senses- literally! Tobacco is famous for impairing the ability to smell and truly taste foods correctly. Once the cigarettes are out of your life, get ready for the world of aromas and flavors you’ve been missing out on! With all of the amazing e-cigarette flavors that are available, you will really be able to savor properly, even when enjoying the nicotine!
  4. Get ready to feel vibrant and free! Most smokers who quit smoking cigarettes for electronic cigs find their energy levels get a nice boost rather quickly. Once the toxins are out, and your lungs can perform at full capacity, you will instantly have more oxygen circulating. Feeling amazing is one of life’s most precious gifts!
  5. Beautiful skin. This is no old-wives’ tale. Cigarette smoke fades an otherwise glowing complexion, and causes lines and wrinkles to be more prevalent at an early age. Without the smoke, e-cigarette smokers notice almost instantly how much better, healthier, and younger their skin looks.

Simply stated, e-smokes are just better! It’s nice to have your cake and eat it too, and look great while doing it!