Mother’s Day Vape Gift Ideas

South Beach Smoke Mother's Day Vape Gift IdeasFor the mamas in your life who are also smokers, whether it’s your mother, grandmother, wife, aunt, sister, or daughter, a great Mother’s Day gift is a South Beach Smoke starter kit. Perhaps they’ve hinted at wanting to try one, or maybe they have never even heard of e-cigs. Whatever the case may, e-cigarettes are a meaningful, thoughtful, and awesome gift to give, and as you’ll read in our reviews, anyone who has ever been gifted one has been thrilled!

Most importantly, when you love someone, you want the best for them. Cigarettes are anything but, and if people are determined to have nicotine, at least South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes are a healthier, safer version. Giving a starter kit for Mother’s Day is a gift that shows your love, and it shows that you are serious about wanting to protect their health. Statistically and realistically, women are at a higher risk for breast cancer, cancers of the reproductive system, and infertility issues at a very high rate when they are smokers. It is also proven that tobacco cigarette smoke is carcinogenic and highly destructive to all bodily systems, and it is likely to cause dangerous heart, breathing, and lung issues. Who wants their mother, or other loved ones subjected to these avoidable circumstances? Few gifts really can show your feelings as much as those directed towards the betterment of health.

On a positive note, South Beach Smoke offers five different electronic cigarette starter kits, ranging from $29.99 to $159.99 in price. There are two different models, the Premium and the Deluxe to choose from. The Premium is a standard, 3-piece unit. The Deluxe, a higher-performance, more advanced and luxurious design is a 2-piece unit. The kits range from basic to fully inclusive, with the minimum or maximum amount of accessories.

Many smokers are wary of trying electronic smokes, for various reasons. Some are emotionally attached to their old fashioned cigarettes, and feel that there is no way some new gadget could replace them. For these folks, a little information can go a long way. And a starter kit is a totally zero-risk way for them to try them out, and see for themselves how much nicer e-cigs are. Another bonus is the 30-day, money back guarantee that ensures satisfaction or a refund.