When Did Vaping Hit the Mainstream?

In a study just released, stats have it that 60% of adult Americans are aware of e-cigarettes! Current US stats for the number of smokers is around 45 million, and half of that number attempt to quit each year. Previous numbers had smokers who had used e-cigarettes around 10% and now they are over 21%! This is astounding and really great news. Even with the caution and cold shoulder from the FDA, users are satisfied with their results. Regardless of anything they try to say about alternative cigarettes, users are very happy with the results they are seeing and don’t seem to have any problems health-wise. By comparison, the number of chemicals contained within traditional cigarettes is staggering, and included in the lethal cocktail mix are substances like arsenic, formaldehyde, lead, cadmium, and ammonia. You know, all typical chemicals you want in your bloodstream continuously… while e-cigarettes, at least from a brand as legit as South Beach Smoke disclose all the ingredients found in their USA-made e-juice. As you can see there is a huge difference, and when you factor in the absence of smoke, tar, and carcinogens, what would you feel more comfortable inhaling? Like the current stats depict, smokers are seeing great results from electronic cigarettes, and regardless of FDA approval, they are switching over in dramatic numbers.

For smokers, there is very little not to love about e-cigarettes. They offer options where smokers are used to closed doors and being segregated. They offer more freedom, while tobacco cigarettes present more and more challenges all the time. They are more modern, and they are cleaner to use. They are greener, simpler, and don’t make a smoker smell bad. They are not a fire hazard, and they can be used nearly anywhere. Studies are studies, but reality is the proof, and smokers are totally enjoying the many benefits they have with electronics, versus the limitations of smoke. We’re thrilled that the general smoking population is seeing the LED light at the end of the tunnel!