Electronic Cigs Just Keeps Getting Bigger!!!

The tobacco industry is really on notice now! More and more smokers just keep on switching, and e-cigarettes are looking to totally surpass cigarettes in sales and usage in the years ahead. Projected stats expect electronic to completely overtake smoke within a decade’s time.

When they first emerged on the market, electronic cigarettes seemed to just be a passing trend, a cool technological gadget that the public would soon get sick of. No one had any idea they would claim this kind of success and essentially serve as such a valid option for smokers who wanted another way.

Well, the e-cig brands had other predictions, and other intentions. Knowing what an innovative product they had at their helms, and knowing they could definitely win the hearts of their customers if they produced top notch products. South Beach Smoke was one of the first to make a mark, and acquired thousands of customers right off the bat with this groundbreaking philosophy. Knowing the key to success was to make a dramatically good alternative, to give smokers a real reason to quit; give them a real, honest alternative they could actually use in lieu of a cigarette.

And it’s not just about a goal that aims to quit smoking, either. E-cigarettes are not made to be “cessation devices.” They aren’t designed to make anyone quit smoking, they are just a safer, cleaner, more responsible, and more affordable way to have and enjoy nicotine. Of course, anyone can say they’ve quit smoking using them, but the nicotine is what links both experiences  You are free to use them however you wish- we know how versatile they are, and they can do a whole lot more than cigarettes, that’s for sure!

So, those are just some of the reasons electronic cigarettes are giving the tobacco industry a run for their money. The list really can go on and on when it comes to naming all the positives that come with e-smokes. What it comes down to is that consumers are getting more and more conscious, and they want products that cause less harm. They are more concerned about their health, and they want to save as much money as possible. With all of the great innovations that South Beach Smoke keeps releasing, being leaders in this industry is thrilling!