Enjoy an e-cigarette on National Relaxation Day

Aug. 15 is National Relaxation Day, which means it is time to play hooky if you can and spend the day doing whatever relaxes you. Whether you love to go on long, meandering walks or cuddle up in bed for the day, don't forget to charge your e-cigarette so you will have one less thing to worry about.

South Beach Smoke has plenty of ways to help keep you relaxed when you're ordering e-cig products online, making this an ideal thing to do during your day of relaxation. Even if you aren't able to spend the whole holiday unwinding, you can still get some inspiration to inject a little more relaxation in your everyday life, especially when it comes to using your e-cig.

Order your e-cigarette starter kit now
National Relaxation Day is the perfect time to order an e-cigarette starter kit from South Beach Smoke. You can visit the website while you're lounging poolside to pick the package that's right for you. Then all you need to do is sit back and wait for it to arrive. Having everything you need show up at your doorstep is a great step toward relaxation, as you won't have to worry about going out to find a store that sells e-cigarettes. This leaves you with even more time to enjoy the day doing whatever soothes and relaxes you, whether you want to spend your time gardening, hiking at a local park or simply lounging around reading your favorite books or catching up on the latest episodes of your guilty pleasure TV shows.

Join South Beach Smoke's Home Delivery Program
For even more relaxation, you can sign up for the Home Delivery Program, which will automatically ship you a new package of cartridge refills for your e-cigarette. Not only do you get 20 percent off all purchases of cartridge refills, but being a member also guarantees you will have a lifetime warranty on all parts and equipment, including e-cig batteries and chargers. Perhaps the best perk of this program is that you are able to set up your own delivery schedule, so you can fine tune the orders to suit your needs. Do you want 15 cartridges to arrive once a month or would you prefer to get 40 every three months? Whatever you need, all you have to do is arrange the delivery quantity and schedule and the sit back and wait. Your order will show up at your doorstep as requested and you won't need to think twice about it. Plus, you can change your preferences or cancel at any time.

Use e-cigarette accessories to make life even easier
Accessories like the Deluxe Portable Charging Case can be extremely handy for the e-cig user who loves to relax. The charging case eliminates the hassle of having to find a USB port or an outlet to juice up the e-cigarette battery, allowing users to charge the battery without ever getting out of their hammocks or recliners. Those who love to relax by spending time online might enjoy the Power Cig, which attaches to the LED tip of the battery and charges it while also letting the user vape. For e-cig users who may be wearing pajamas, bathing suits or anything without pockets, the Universal E-Cig Lanyard is an ideal way to keep an e-cig close at hand. Not only will this allow users to keep their hands free for sipping cocktails or reading books, but it will also give them extremely easy access to their e-cigs when the mood strikes to take a puff.