Enjoying All The Flavor

We are entirely over the moon for our new flavors! We have always been known and loved for our flavors, so it was a total pleasure developing them to perfection, and unveiling them to the satisfaction of our customers! With ten flavors now ready for the vaping, here is a look at each of them. This profile will include our classic five as well as our freshest offerings!

Tobacco: A full flavored, rich tobacco taste. It has a savory aroma, and no offensive odor (unlike it’s actual counterpart). No frills, this one cuts right to the chase!

Tobacco Blue: One of our new tobacco flavors, this one gives another tobacco-like option to those seeking an alternative. Extraordinarily smooth, if you are one for lighter, American-style tobacco blends, this one will wet your whistle! It is a very refined essence, with a very clean finish.

Tobacco Gold: Wanting to satisfy our customers’ varied tastes even more, this new flavor was created to fill a gap. If you prefer a more intense tobacco experience, this one is the cream of the crop! When it comes to electronic cigarettes, this is the most potent and pronounced tobacco flavor out there. It is ultimately like smoking a richer variety, such as those from the Middle East and Turkey.

Menthol: If you are a menthol smoker, our menthols will come very close to the conventional type, only with all the benefits of an e-cig, and none of the hassles of smoke! This flavor is robust, very fresh, and has a wonderfully cooling effect on the senses.

Peppermint: The perfect antidote to cigarette breath! Our brand-new peppermint flavor is nothing but freshness from your vapor, and it is so refreshing. It is at once cool, tingly, sweet, and delicious!

Vanilla: One of the most popular e-cigarette flavors across the board, vanilla is like dessert every time you puff! It is sweet, and so satisfying! The epitome of flavor!

Chocolate: How could we have a vanilla without chocolate? Different, yet remarkably delicious! Chocolate flavored e-cigarettes are yet an additional indulgence, and the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth as well as your nicotine urges.

Cherry: Cherry and nicotine were made for one another, and have long been enjoyed in concoctions together. With electronic cigs, this time honored tradition is no different, except you can savor all the flavor without the guilt and detriments!

Pina Colada: A taste of the tropics, our new pina colada e-ecigarette flavor is sure to kindle memories or fantasies of your last tropical getaway! Sweet, creamy, and exotic makes it the perfect daily diversion!

Peach: For those who want even more diversity when it comes to their electronic cigarettes, our new peach flavor broadens the horizon even further! Yes, it tastes like peaches, and yes, it is every bit as pleasure-inducing and delicious as the fruit itself!