As October draws to a close, Halloween is tomorrow after all, the festive mood really begins to set in. If you are smoking electronic cigarettes, your holidays are definitely much brighter than if you were smoking tobacco! Holidays, regardless of which you celebrate and which you don’t, usually mean spending time with other people. When you are using e-cigs, there is no more being relegated to the patio or some outside corner to smoke, like a leper. You can puff where ever you choose and not disturb anyone, or have to be overtly sensitive to other people’s sensitivities. You vape and get on with the party!

When you smoke, you have to be conscious of so many other factors besides just getting your fix and where you do it. You have to be concerned about the people around you, such as children, the elderly, people who despise anything smelling remotely like cigarettes, people who are former smokers who are afraid of being tempted back to the dark side of smoking, people who have breathing issues like allergies, (which can be pretty rampant as the weather changes). Then there’s the litter; no one really wants nasty used butts infiltrating their emerald lawns, especially folks who have young children or pets that could possibly get a hold of them.

And then there are the parties that don’t happen in homes. Bars, restaurants, offices, banquet halls are pretty common sites of holiday parties, and again, more than likely you will not be able to smoke inside of them. Well, if you’ve got e-cigarettes you will! Holiday parties with coworkers have quite the legendary status for bringing out the best in your normally straight-laced work buddies after a few cocktails. You wouldn’t want to miss any of the the fun blackmail-worthy moments being outside smoking, would you? So, don’t! Make sure e-cigs are loaded with your cartridges and pack some extras, get your batteries or your Personal Charging Case charged ahead of time, and you’ll be good to go!

We are just a day away from Halloween, and the holiday season is officially on, till it culminates with New Year’s Eve. The parties will be going nonstop and so will your smoking choices, so make the smarter, more social choice and smoke vapor cigs!