Essential accessories for vaping on the go

Whether you've become somewhat established as a South Beach Smoke customer or you are just getting started with the exciting possibilities of vaping, you undoubtedly know that one of vaping's most clear advantages is the ability to smoke virtually anywhere. But you may not have fully acquainted yourself with the many options available to make electronic cigarettes particularly enjoyable and extremely convenient while in the car.

Naturally, you can enjoy any e-cigarette while driving, because doing so doesn't involve enough actions to distract your from the task at hand – namely, staying on the road. If you're low on battery at the moment, though, you'll need to have the right accessories on hand.

Combine the Car Adapter and Power Cig
If you joined the e-cigarette phenomenon by purchasing one of the South Beach Starter Kits, you've seen the USB Charger that allows you to power up your depleted e-cig battery through any computer or other wall-powered device equipped with a USB port (certain video game consoles, for example). When paired with the Universal Car Adapter that plugs into the cigarette lighter port of your car (offering a sense of irony in and of itself), you can easily use this accessory so you never run out of juice and can have a relaxing e-cig smoke at any time, even on a long drive. 

The Power Cig adds a new dimension of convenience to car vaping. This also uses a USB connector to plug into the Car Adapter, but offers the advantage of being able to smoke while you're still charging and is compatible with any e-cig cartridges.

Portable Charging Case
If you want the ability to readily charge your e-cigs in the car and even in your pocket, check out the Portable Charging Case. This accessory, which is compatible with the Standard Battery, resembles a small cigarette pack and not only holds and charges batteries but can also store up to six different cartridges.