Etiquette for Vapers

How to Have Manners and Vape Consciously It’s time for a little etiquette refresher, y’all! Because you know, when you’re vaping away and creating those massive clouds, the last thing you want is to annoy those around you who aren’t down with vapor, and cause them to get volatile. So, here’s how to maintain your manners when puffing in public, and to help keep the hostility and/ or confusion at bay!

How to Talk to People About Vaping

Chances are, if you’re sporting a cool-looking vape in public, especially in a crowded area, you’re going to get some attention. People will probably inquire, some may run in fear or shock, some may be so intrigued they want to try your pen… What can we say? Humans are a gregarious and curious species! So, when it comes to being an e-cigarette ambassador, as you may be representing the whole community at that moment, keep an open mind and do your best to educate on these fab devices. Talk about what you get out of the experience, and why you vape. Focus on the positives and benefits of e-cigarettes, while making it known that “smoking” you are not.

How to Deal with Agitated Folks

Not everyone will want the facts, your experiences, or the benefits. Some will just see the vapor, recall info they’ve heard about there not being any proof on these things, and want you to keep your vaping far from their respiratory systems. Some may go so far into the depths of rudeness to ask you stop. If you find yourself in that position, be polite and find a more comfortable place to vape. It may not be fun, but being a disgruntled, argumentative vaper won’t win you any brownie points.

No Vaping Allowed

If you see signs that clearly demonstrate that vaping is not allowed, don’t vape. Even if you’re tempted, you’re most likely setting yourself up for a scenario in which you’ll be treated like a smoker who’s smoking where they shouldn’t be.

Not Sure?

Some places are perfectly cool to vape in; others not so much. If you aren’t sure, ask. Opening up the lines of communication and getting the go-ahead is better than creating a situation where people do get hostile about your aromatic vapor!

So, when you’re vaping in public, maintain those manners, peeps! You are representing an entire community after all, and being a positive example does everyone a favor!