South Beach Smoke is already the leading brand of electronic cigarette in the U.S., and not just because of the quality of our products or the thickness of our vapor. Customers just love our flavors, and with nine exciting varieties, there's a taste for you. However, we weren't content to limit your choices to just nine flavors, because as we all know, variety is the spice of life! That's why we've introduced five brand-new taste sensations at South Beach Smoke, giving you even more choices and the freedom to experience the tastes you want in a quality electronic cigarette.

Tobacco Mint
Sure, our Tobacco Gold and Tobacco Classic flavors are perennial favorites with our loyal customers, but we just weren't satisfied. That's why we've combined the rich, bold taste of traditional tobacco with the lively, refreshing taste of mint to create the first of our five new flavors. If you've ever wanted to enjoy vapor with the depth of flavor of tobacco with the light hint of menthol without switching altogether, our new Tobacco Mint taste will delight your tastebuds. This flavor is ideally suited for smokers who want the best of both worlds.

Orange Mint
Some flavor combinations just work. Strawberries and cream, coffee and chocolate, peaches and vanilla ice cream. Others, like our newest taste, are a little more experimental – but believe us when we say we just know you're going to love it. Our new Orange Mint flavor e-cig cartridges blend the playful sweetness of oranges with the zesty freshness of mint, resulting in a truly unique flavor experience. This subtle combination is a real sensation, and we think its the perfect accompaniment to ice wines and other delicious drinks – ideal for this time of year!

Frank's Lemon Lime
Sure, lemon-lime is a classic flavor combination, but what makes this flavor of e-cig so special? Well, we love our fans on Facebook, so to honor our biggest fan, Frank Sparks, we named our third new flavor after him. As you'd expect from this familiar taste, our Frank's Lemon Lime e-cigs are lively and full of zing, and when you combine that with the rich, thick water-based vapor our electronic cigarettes are famous for, you're onto a sure-fire winner. Choose this flavor for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, or when you want to experience a whole new world of vaping refreshment.

Double Apple Hookah
Apple is the taste of fall – of hot cider, freshly baked pies and other homemade favorites just like mom used to make. That's why we knew we just had to include a apple taste sensation in our new lineup of e-cig cartridges. Of course, as its name implies, this flavor isn't just plain old apple – it's apple turned up to 11! This fresh, juicy fruit flavor is the perfect choice if you want to combine the delicious tastes of homemade favorites with the invigorating flavors of real fruit. After a drag on this e-cigarette flavor, we know you'll remember why you made the switch from traditional tobacco.

Grape Hookah
When we were deciding on our new range, we knew we wanted our e-cig flavors to be as bold as you are without compromising on classic tastes. That's why we created our Grape Hookah flavor. The rich yet subtle flavors of grape work well with the thickness of South Beach Smoke's vapor, providing you with a deliciously rich taste sensation that will satisfy you every time. 

With so many new and classic flavors, there's never been a better time to experience the delicious range of tastes at South Beach Smoke!