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Experimenting with New E-Liquid Flavors

Like many vapers, the transition from your all day vape to a new flavor can be a daunting task. While it’s easy to take initial interest in flavors it can be intimidating to buy a new e-liquid you haven’t vaped as long. We’d like to help you try new flavors and make informed decisions on the best flavor profiles to switch from when doubt reigns supreme.

Tobacco Flavored E-Liquids
or most smokers new to vaping, tobacco flavors can be an excellent starting point. Classic Tobacco and Sahara Gold Tobacco are great e-liquids that will continue to please well beyond the first tank. If you’re looking to make the transition to a different style of juice, you may want to consider adding different profiles to these base flavors and delve into the world of desserts. A prime example of an excellent tobacco/dessert blend is Supreme Custard Tobacco. Combining subtle dessert flavor qualities can provide the beginner the familiarity of tobacco notes with the subtleties of vanilla and custard. If you’re looking to freshen up your vape juice, adding menthol is always a great way to go. Depending on your preferences, a stronger menthol note can replicate your favorite analog cigarette without completely overwhelming your taste buds. Tobacco Menthol is a great combination of classic tobacco notes with a refreshingly mighty kick of menthol bound to make a fan out of you.

Menthol Flavored E-Liquids
f you’ve always been a fan of Menthol e-liquids, making the switch to different profiles can be equally as arduous and certainly discouraging. The recommended path for Menthol vapers is Beverage or Fruit flavored combinations with your favorite menthol flavor. By adding a splash of Havana Rum, you can take your Menthol Freeze in spirited direction by providing a smooth adult beverage note bound to please your palate with little effort. If you’re a choco-holic and you don’t quite know how to incorporate refreshing notes, you may want to incorporate a shot of fresh mint to your chocolate. This will create a familiar flavor you’d know all too well if you’ve ever stayed at a hotel. Menthol flavors can be amazingly diverse when adding to a fruit and making for a very unique vape juice you can call your own. Raspberry Ice is a perfect blend to try as your first menthol/fruit combination due to it’s already tart qualities and the addition of a Mighty Menthol shot you will likely love on the first inhale.

Dessert Flavored E-Liquids
Dessert flavored vape juices are perhaps the most popular of all e-liquid flavor variations due to their undeniable deliciousness. If you’re looking to switch up your all day vape, you may want to look into visiting different prominent dessert notes or incorporating fruits. Most bold desserts such as Holy Cow! Condensed Milk and Classic Custard go very well with similar Dessert notes such as Glazed Donut, Graham Cracker or Belgian Waffle. If you’re looking to venture into bold territory you may want to add blueberry blast, strawberrylicious or Mango Tango for a truly tasty twist.

Every Week we will be releasing a new blend to bring the vapers of South Beach Smoke and beyond interesting twists new flavors that will challenge taste buds of every kind. Check in periodically and see what our e-liquids have to offer. Above all, experiment and keep an open mind. Finding the perfect vape juice is never easy but with patience you will discover new and exciting blends mixed to perfection.