Ever notice the abundance of exploding electronic cigarette stories, when in reality you have yet to actually meet a vaper who has witnessed this occurrence themselves? Does it strike you as odd how it always seems to be a topic of discussion, and a catchy headline?

Yes, it is true that there have been a handful of these incidences. On rare occasions, electronic cigarette batteries have exploded for a variety of reasons. However, of the millions in use daily, the risk percentages are very, very small. Currently there are over 2 million people in the US who use e-cigarettes, and in the five year period between 2009 and 2014, there were 25 known incidences in which electronic cigarette devices caught on fire, as reported by FEMA, or the Federal Emergency Management Agency. No deaths occurred despite the injuries.

This isn’t to say that being involved in a situation where your e-cigarette device gets explosive is by any means okay, or not dangerous, but the chances of it happening are extremely slim. In terms of numbers, that is really a minute figure considering many of these cases involved modified e-cigarettes and batteries that were not specified to be used in them.

For some perspective, there are 7,600 fires in homes each year, and smoking is a very big cause in many of them. However, the death rate per 1,000 fires is 7 times higher in smoking-related fires than those where smoking is not a factor.

When used correctly, lithium ion batteries, the types of batteries used in South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes, are very safe. Under the specified circumstances, the chances of coming into a situation where a standard lithium ion battery will be explosive is extremely low. For example, leaving a charging e-cigarette battery in a hot car while charging is not advised, and can be dangerous, as well as potentially explosive. Keeping your extra batteries in a protective case is also a good measure. Another pointer: if your battery seems swollen or hot, do not use it. And, if you are using mods, do your research and use only batteries that are made to work with it. E-cigarettes are electrical devices after all, and they should be used according to their manufacturer’s explicit directions.

E-cigarette batteries are not any more explosive and hazardous than any general electronic item that works with a lithium ion battery. Basically, they hype surrounding this subject is that explosions are cool. People enjoy them, and people enjoy hearing about them. Running stories about them keeps people entertained, and adds some intrigue to a trendy subject: electronic smoking. If you’re concerned about explosive devices when vaping, heed the precautions, follow directions, and have common sense.