Extreme Weather and Electronic Cigarettes: How You Can Be Prepared

Extreme weather conditions can happen at virtually any time of the year, and during the summer especially, with major storms and hurricanes. The recent Colorado wildfires resulted in the evacuation of thousands. For people landlocked through the central portion of the United States, the threat of tornado activity looms during a huge portion of the year, and the northern latitudes face incredibly severe arctic blasts and blizzards that can cut power lines and snow you into your home for days.

While some types of storms and weather incidences are not predictable, and can spring up in a moment, if you live along a coastline within the vicinity of the tropics, the threat of hurricanes from June through October is always possible. These massive, spinning storms come with a whole lot of warning, as well as predictions that can give people a really good idea of what’s in store. However, the kind of destruction they leave in their wake can range from minor: just a few blown down trees and electric lines, to leveling literally cities and towns in hours flat. For anyone who has lived through hurricanes, they know in advance that the power may be out for more than just a few days, and it’s just smart to plan ahead.

Regardless of the weather, you’re going to want your e-smokes! Here is a look at how to keep your e-cigarettes ready, no matter what kind of curveballs the weather may be throwing at you.

-Be calm, ready, and organized. If you know where all your stuff is ahead of time, you won’t be fretting during stressful moments looking for your e-cigs. A Universal Carry Case is a great tool to keep everything stashed and where you need it.

-Get yourself a Universal Car Adapter. If your batteries need charging, and you don’t have electricity, you should have no problems using your vehicle’s energy.

-Stock up in advance. Make sure you have enough cartridges and extra batteries on you at all times. If you have a storm such as a hurricane, where you can get yourself ready ahead of time, charge up those batteries so that should you be dealing with a lack of power, you will have no issues vaping.

-Invest in a Personal Charging Case, and have it ready to go. This is a fantastic item to have, and it charges as well as conveniently holds you e-cigs and batteries, so you are set in several ways with one of these should the lights go out. Bonus: it’s small enough to fit in your pocket. This baby is a life saver!

-Electronic cigarette disposables are an excellent item to keep stored and available in your emergency kit. One piece construction requires no effort on your part, but to puff!

While traditional cigarettes are able to be used, for people who are e-cigarettes there is no reason to resort back to the those things in an emergency!  Of course, safety is the most important thing you can plan for, having your electronic smokes is something you will need to compromise if you keep yourself prepared should the weather put you on the path of destruction.