Fall Flavors

Well, fall is clearly fully on, and we are progressing well into the spirit of the holidays. Temperatures are getting chilly, well, at least in most places except for us down here in SoFla, and most of us are in the thick of planning get togethers with friends and family in celebration of the holidays that occur this time of year. So, have you got festivities on the brain? And if so, are you looking forward to downing a whole lotta deliciousness in the coming weeks? Yeah, we definitely are too!

So, that brings us to the discussion of delicious fall-inspired e-liquids. Because, why not? And if you’re going to be gorging on all the yummy foods and drinks that come with the holidays, keeping that theme of great flavor coursing through all of your daily doings is just another way to add little pleasures and holiday spirit into your everyday.

Don’t worry, we are all about enjoying the flavors of the season without getting all psycho over the semantics and politically-correctness and implied religiousness of them; no #redcup controversy here! In that light, here are our takes on the best bets to enjoy when it comes to vaping during the holiday season, hope you enjoy the taste of celebration!

Chocolate Cherry Tobacco: Fun, fruity, chocolatey, and with a nice punch of tobacco. It’s kinda like an after-dinner cigar, perfect for unwinding and luxuriating!

Amaretto Sour: This is a perfect taste to have at all times, and especially anytime you want a festive little kick! Bonus: unlike the office holiday party, you won’t be trudging into work the next day with a hangover if you go nuts and indulge hard!

Peppermint Bark: Because really, is there any flavor more perfect for the holiday season? No, this captures it all.

Nuts Over Caramel Apples: Capturing the perfect caramel apple taste of apple pie, this is a fall classic!

Tobacco Mint: Minty goodness that offers a nice, hearty tobacco flavor; this one matches the rich essence of that iconic Christmas tree scent, made for vaping.