Fall is the perfect time to switch to e-cigs

After a long, hot summer, many people look forward to the cool, crisp days of fall. As the leaves change and the nights draw in, there's never been a better time to switch to the range of electronic cigarettes at SouthBeachSmoke.com. 

Come in from the cold
One of the best things about fall is the cool mornings and evenings. Although you might be longing for sweater weather after months of stifling heat, the coming of cooler weather brings with it a dreaded hassle hassle for smokers – going outside in the cold for a cigarette. Rather than brave the brisk outdoor weather this fall – and the greater chance of rain it brings with it – why not switch to e-cigs?

Even if your workplace doesn't allow employees to vape openly in common work areas, that doesn't mean vaping is any less of a good idea as the temperatures begin to fall. Many bars, restaurants and other public places allow patrons to use e-cigarettes without issue, meaning you won't have to venture outside to enjoy a crisp, satisfying hit from your electronic cigarette.

Smell the leaves, not the smoke
Something else smokers have to endure during the colder months is the prospect of having their clothes, hair and practically everything else reek of tobacco smoke after a quick break. If you treated yourself to a fabulous fall jacket this summer, you probably don't want it to smell like an ashtray, right? Well, if you switch to e-cigarettes, you won't have to put up with this problem.

SouthBeachSmoke.com's range of e-cigs use vaporized nicotine juice to provide you with the same satisfaction of a traditional tobacco cigarette without the smoke. As there is no combustion involved in the vaporization process, there is no smoke to cling to your clothes, hair or finger tips. The vapor from electronic cigarettes is water based, so there'll be no tell-tale odor if you choose to vape instead of light up this fall.

Millions of smokers are turning onto e-cigarettes in a big way, and South Beach Smoke has everything you need to turn your back on traditional cigarettes forever. Simply choose one of our starter kits, pick your preferred flavor and get ready to experience a whole new world of smoking enjoyment – without the smell, mess or hassle of tobacco. Once you make the switch, you'll never look back.