Father’s Day: Best Gifts for Your Pops

Father's Day South Beach Smoke Gift GuideThe reason South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes are on every guy’s wish list is because they are the perfect blend of timeless cool and modern tech, rolled into one exciting product that allows one to save money, enjoy themselves fully, and replace an analog method without sacrificing any comfort or familiarity. Basically, vaping rocks, and it’s cooler than smoking. Typically, modern upgrades on products aren’t necessarily going to save you a lot of dough (unless we’re talking about energy efficiency…) Vaping allows you to save money because e-liquids, the counterpart to tobacco, is way cheaper, and it goes a whole lot farther. As an aside, they also lack the thousands of freaky chemicals, and the actual tobacco your dad can most certainly do without.

So, here you go. The best Father’s Day gifts for the dad who vapes or smokes!

The Thunder Vaporizer: Ideal for someone who currently is familiar with vaping, the different types of products, and how they work. 1300 mAh, variable voltage, a roomy tank, sleek style. You could certainly gift this to someone who is just beginning, especially if they dig technology and appreciate high-performing objects d’art

The Basic SBS Starter Kit: For the dad who smokes and needs the most basic point of entry. This is the perfect bridge between the smoking and vaping worlds. Perfect way to convince the more stubborn males of the species!

A Custom Built Hot Rod: Using our Custom Vaporizer Builder, build your dad an awesome vape, made just for him! Bonus- with the Storm setup, you can customize colors to match his fave sports team, his alma mater, match his pimped out ride or whatever floats his boat!

Father’s Day is coming right up, and you know exactly what your dad wants, and it ain’t a tie, a new wrench, or argyle socks! Seriously, hold the golf clubs, the bamboo-clad grill set, and the embossed metal flask. The one thing he needs in his life is vapor. Particularly if he’s a smoker, or a vaper using a substandard brand of vapes. Take the easy way out, we know the way to his heart!