Father’s Day is Upon Us!

Contrary to popular belief, your dad doesn’t want new golf clubs, some argyle socks, or a new tie for Father’s Day. Besides, haven’t you exhausted those options time and time again? Your dad wants new vaping gear, and if he’s a smoker who still smokes traditional cigarettes, we cordially invite you to blow his mind by updating him to the 21st century.

By that we mean introducing him to the world of electronic smoking, even if he thinks the products are a little bit newfangled and made for them younger folks, we’re sure he will enjoy the concept!

If your dad currently is an electronic cigarette smoker, we applaud him for moving away from the tobacco and embracing the world of vapor alternatives. E-cigarettes are made for smokers of all ages, not just those who are young and hip. They are designed to recreate the smoking experience and allow users to have the same experience in a safe, tobacco-free, odorless manner that can be used in a wide variety of places without issues.

Why give gifts that lack meaning? When you give a South Beach Smoke starter kit, you are saying a lot, such as you care enough about your dad’s health to want to contribute to improving it, that you encourage him to experiment with additional options besides tobacco which is outrageously unhealthy, and ultimately that you want him to be around for as long as possible.

In honor of dads everywhere, this Father’s Day we are running a very sweet steal of a deal: 35% off all of our e-cigarette starter kits (with the exception of the South Beach Smoke Air). For your dad, or any of the other father-figures in your life who are currently still smoking cigarettes, or are using sub-par e-cigarettes, we hope you take advantage of this awesome sale and give a gift that goes a lot further than being something to wear or something he won’t actually use!