FDA Announces E-Cigarette Regulations

Yesterday, May 5, 2016, the federal government announced their long-awaited regulations regarding electronic cigarettes, and all related products. Much to the dismay of the vapor industry, the FDA has decided they are set on classifying e-cigarettes as tobacco products, which is a major cause for concern. Despite this being incredibly breaking news for the industry as a whole, we have been preparing for this day since 2013, as that was when these regulations first came into discussion.

Along these same lines, what we are requesting of the industry as a whole is unity, because this type of legislation has the potential to affect us all. These tobacco deeming regulations have the ability to negatively impact countless small businesses, which have taken root as a result of the innovations of these life-changing products. The industry as a whole is asking that all people who are a part of this community of vapers sign a petition, pleading to the White House and Congress for an overturn of the FDA’s wholly biased classification of e-cigarettes as tobacco. As members of the vapor products industry, it is imperative that we make our voices heard to the White House and Congress, because legislation such as this is more harmful than precautionary.

In the UK, evidence and research have amounted to e-cigarettes becoming regulated as legitimate cessation devices, with physicians now being legally permitted to recommend them to patients as a method they can use to stop smoking with. Why the FDA fails to recognize the difference between these products, and continues to claim that e-cigarettes are reversing the progress made by the anti-tobacco movement is completely confounding.

As we all know, electronic cigarettes are NOT tobacco products; they do not contain tobacco, and they contain only a minimal amount of ingredients, making them a far cry from what is contained within tobacco cigarettes.

As a leader and a pioneer brand in this industry, we want to make it clear that South Beach Smoke is here for our loyal customers, who have helped build this amazing, life-changing, empowering industry into what it is today. We have every intention of continuing to serve you, as our customers, for the long-term future ahead. Let’s get these misaligned classifications overturned!