Feel Good, Look Good, Vape Good

Still smoking old fashioned cancer sticks? Worried that switching to electronic cigs will cause a bigger blow-up than the freshman 15? Well, worry not my lovelies, here are some tips to keep your figure fit and trim, when switching to alternative cigarettes. For every inconvenience, there is a solution, and we want you to know that leaving tobacco doesn’t have to make you look less than awesome!

One thing to keep in mind is that a number on a scale is not a direct indicator of your health, so focus on positive habits instead of what digit your scale is stuck at. You aren’t the only one to be concerned about post-tobacco weight gain, but remember, diligence goes a long way, and your body will thank you graciously for being tobacco and smoke free. Here is a little info on how switching to vapor cigs can benefit your body when it comes to looking and feeling great!

Many people start smoking in an effort to keep unwanted pounds off, and then stay smoking because of the possibility of weight gain when quitting. College students are notoriously known for picking up the habit because the calming effects of nicotine can be the perfect antidote to the stress induced from major cramming, however it is a serious double-edged sword, because they feel if they stop they’ll have to deal with unwanted junk in their trunks.

When you stop using cigarettes, many areas of the body begin to heal. Lung function and heart function improve, making it easier to breathe deeply and vigorously; therefore making cardio exercise way more manageable and enjoyable. This is an added boost, and can really give you the push you need to get sweaty, which is a proven way to keep those pounds in check. Lose the smoke, get healthier, feel better, keep the pounds off: excellent chain of events, right?

Often, we play into our desires and make rash decisions in favor of the moment’s mood. When making decisions that involve what you eat, go for healthy and don’t go after dessert daily. E-cigs can be amazing as an alternative because you have so many choices of e-liquid flavors to choose from, and these delectable flavors can work perfectly instead of dessert. Strawberry Cheesecake, Banana Split, S’mores…, and no calories or fat to boot! Can we say nom nom nom!

As for switching, electronic cigarettes can offer a nearly identical sensation, with the level of nicotine of your choice so the sensation remains the same, sans the smoke. While the concern of weight gain is understandable, keep in mind that you can also implement other wise choices to avoid it, without having to rely on a crutch like cigarettes. Stay healthy and sexy, my friends!