Finals Week and Vaping

At universities and colleges across the US, right now and in the coming weeks, finals week will have everyone hunkering down, cramming, and putting their pedals to the metal to secure the best grades possible. It’s tough work, but it’ll be another semester done, and everyone will be that much closer on their way to graduating.

What this means is studious types everywhere will be brewing big pots of coffee, getting very little sleep, and yearning for the assistance of nicotine. So while most universities and colleges are proud to be smoke-free institutions, there’s no reason college students can’t turn to South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes to help them through this stressful time without turning to smoke.

If you are in this position, here’s how vaping can really help you get through the next few weeks without losing your sanity. We know all about it, so here are the best ways nicotine can help you make it to the other side.

1: Focus. Many people find that vapor and nicotine are an amazing help when they need to focus. Just a couple puffs and maybe using a stimulating flavor like menthol or peppermint in your vape pen and you’ve got the perfect accessory to your late-night coffees and textbooks!

2: Offering positive distraction. Sometimes too much focus can wear you down and cause anxiety, and what you need is a good distraction for just a few moments to reset. In That case, have a few puffs on your e-cig and you should be refreshed and ready to head back to your studies. Clear the air, peeps.

3: Calm those nerves. Anyone who’s ever experienced nicotine knows how calming it can be, and when you’re stressing big time, the temptation to get a pack of smokes can hit with a force. Instead of doing something you’re going to regret later, stick with vapor! Vape your favorite flavors, make sure you have extra liquid on hand, and make sure you have an extra device, batteries, and chargers when you’re burning the midnight oil!

So stay focused, bring your A-game to your studies, and remember that Summer vacay is only a few weeks away!