The Very Real & Long-Term Costs of Smoking

Cigarettes are so expensive. Rounding out at around $7 per pack as a nationwide average (which amounts to around $2,500 yearly at a pack per day), and toppling out way higher than that in major cities, who can afford the habit at these prices? And, as exasperating as these figures are, there are a whole host of other ways cigarettes are taking a toll on your bank account. Here is a look at two of the real costs of smoking, and why vapor cigs make a most attractive option.

Insurance has become a staple to protect you and your loved ones in a vast array of different areas of your life. From health insurance (a total necessity) and dental insurance, to life insurance, car insurance, and home insurance, most forms of insurance are going to cost you more for being a smoker, and considering that you’re going to have to fit the bill for most of these types of coverage for the majority of your life, you’re looking at a lot of money spent out of pocket over a long period of time.

Hidden Costs
A higher likelihood of getting bronchitis, pneumonia, respiratory issues, and other complications as a result of common illnesses such as colds and the flu are much more of an occurrence when you’re a smoker. In addition, statistics show that smokers lose more time at work, long and short term, and this can be an issue short term because less time worked means less money earned. In turn, this same loss of productivity adds up over time, and it poses the potential to be a massive long term problem because this can affect you by taking a hit on your Social Security and pension earnings, which is supposed to be the nest egg you can rely on during retirement. Imagine the thousands of dollars that you could be saving instead!

Smoking cigarettes can affect so many areas of your life, taking a toll on your finances from so many different angles. While you may set aside enough money to handle the initial cost of those daily cigarette packs, the long term effects and accumulation of costs can be monumental. Why not choose vapor smoking and save?

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