Fire Up The Resolutions!

We all know the top New Year’s resolutions are typically about bettering one’s quality of life; i.e- losing weight, getting fit and/ or healthier, and kicking tobacco to the curb. Being in the business of creating products designed to work as alternatives to smoke, we are rather fond of resolutions that involve saying goodbye to smoke for good.

You see, smoke as we all know, is nothing but a big problem. It’s immensely unhealthy, leads to countless diseases, is an expensive habit, creates a social nuisance of its users, and it smells. Vapor cigs, on the contrary, are clean. The e-liquid is comprised of very few ingredients, has no smell, costs less than tobacco, can be used amongst large groups of people without grossing anyone out, and it’s like the polar opposite of smoke, essentially.

So if your 2015 resolution includes dropping the butts in favor of alternative cigs, we got what you need. We’ve been helping smokers see the light at the end of the tobacco tunnel for years, and we are all about helping you make the switch in the most convenient, enjoyable manner possible.

South Beach Smoke starter kits make the perfect way to try it all out, especially if you are really certain you want to make the switch to vapor and want to give it your all. They come with all the necessary goods, and they are so easy to use. Having everything ready to go as soon as you get your kit makes experiencing the world of vapor so convenient! And, there are countless different options! You can go with a basic, simple starter kit, or get one with a lot of different add-ons for more versatility. And that’s another beautiful thing about vaping: choices!

So kick off 2015 with a bang! Start vaping, drop the cigs, and get ready to make your resolution a reality with electronic smokes! Out with the old, in with the new, and enjoy the ride all the way!