Flavored e-cigs are just peachy during National Peach Month

It seems as though every month is dedicated to something, and August is no exception. This month was officially designated National Peach Month by former President Ronald Reagan back in 1982, and more than 30 years later, people still take time to celebrate this juicy fruit throughout August. What better time is there to enjoy the tasty sweetness of peach-flavored e-cigs from South Beach Smoke?

Our wide range of flavors combines the smooth taste of premium tobacco with the delicate aromas of your favorite flavors, including peach. This National Peach Month, celebrate in your own way by enjoying the crisp, fresh taste of peach tobacco with a e-cig.

Of course, you're not limited to just peach with South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes, so if you're not particularly partial to peaches, we've got you covered. Fly in the face of convention with our range of flavors, which includes cherry, chocolate, vanilla, peppermint and even piña colada. No matter what your tastes, we've got a flavor that will satisfy you.

So, whether you're stuck somewhere you can't smoke or just want to experience something a little different, enjoy the refreshing tobacco taste of South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes this August.